Until May 30th you can share the code below with your friends.

They will get 10% off their membership purchase (Recurring or Prepaid) & you will get back 10% of their purchase as Refferal Credit to be used on our website!

Have any questions? Find out more in the FAQ below

The Refer A Friend Promotion has ended


Remember that you can use the earned credit until June 30th on online purchases. See below for your credit status.


They can apply it when purchasing a membership (Prepaid or Recurring) on the website. The coupon is only valid on memberships (not Multi-Pass)

As an advocate you can refer up to 5 friends per month.
They can use your discount on Memberships only (Recurring Memberships and Pre-Paid Memberships).
Credit is added to your account only once your referred friend has made their first Memberships purchase (Recurring Memberships and Pre-Paid Memberships).
You can only refer someone if you are logged into the website and if you have purchased something from our store before (ie any memberships, yoga class or product counts). This is to ensure the person referring is a real person.

The Referral Credit can only be used on purchases on the website until June 30th 2023.

Referral Credit CANNOT be used to purchase Yoga Classes, Gift Card or any of the Beta Loyalty Programme Rewards. Using it for those purchases will invalidate the Referral Credit without possibility of any refund.

The credit is automatically deducted from your next renewal payment.

No, the Referral Credit can only be used for online purchases.

They can apply the discount (once) on any new memberships bought during this month. To have the membership starting when their existing one expires they can send us an email at
Yes, as long as you are logged into the website and you have purchased something from our store before (ie any memberships, yoga class or product counts), then you can refer someone.

No – the referral coupon will not work on purchases which already fall under a special offer.

You do not have any completed referrals yet. Refer a friend here.

What packages do you offer?

Once you´ve been introduced to bouldering you might never want to stop, so we have options for every budget and lifestyle: day passes, multipasses and memberships. Buy onsite or online.


The below rules ONLY apply to physical products bought on the online-shop, but not to Memberships, Multi-Pass, Gift Card or other services bought online. General Terms and Conditions apply to Memberships, Multi-Pass, Gift Card or other services bought online.

Return Rights

To return or exchange an item, you must send the product back to us within 14 days of the date it was received by you. All returned items must be in a suitable condition so as to be resold as new. The product must show no signs of use (i.e. including washing), and all original packing must be undamaged and unaltered. If the product and its packaging are not returned in a suitable condition, we reserve the right to refuse the return. You are responsible for the cost of all returns and exchanges unless restricted by mandatory consumer law.

Before sending us a return product contact us using the form below. Returned products must be sent to:

Beta Boulders Copenhagen
Kastanie Alle 8,
2720 Vanlose

Damaged Package / Product

In case you have received a damaged package and/or product. Take a picture of the package before opening it from multiple angles and contact us using the form below if you believe the product was damaged in transit.


In case you are un-happy with any of our product within 24 months of purchase due defects, contact us using the form below.

Contact the Beta Team - COPENHAGEN

please send us an e-mail to