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This Women´s Day we are starting our “Climb like a girl” women´s climbing club! Don´t hesitate, call up your friends and join us for a climb!
Discounted entries of 75kr are valid all day, on March 8th!

When and where?
+ March 8th at 18:30 in Vanløse

What is “Climb like a girl”?
+ Climb like a girl is our new climbing club! Anyone regardless of their climbing level is welcome to join. As a group we will warm up, project, have a good time all while getting strong and making new friends!

Is this a one-time occasion?
+ No, our climbing club will be gathering every second Tuesday of the month, until the end of May!
+ Gatherings will swap across centers from month to month
+ 08/03/2022 in Vanløse
+ 12/04/2022 in Sydhavn
+ 10/05/2022 in Vanløse
+ 14/06/2022 in Sydhavn
+ 12/07/2022 in Vanlose
+ 09/08/2022 in Sydhavn

Is it paid?
– There is no extra fee except for the entrance.


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