As climbers, we are constantly challenged by the vast array of routes and problems that the sport presents.

To navigate the realm of bouldering effectively, it is essential to understand the grading systems that provide us with a common language to gauge the difficulty of various climbs.


The V-Scale is widely adopted in the United States.

It utilizes a numerical scale that begins at V0 and progressively increases in difficulty up to the current peak of V17.

Each grade represents a higher level of challenge, demanding increased strength, technique, and problem-solving skills from climbers.

In Europe, The FONT (Fontainebleau) Scale is primarily used, characterized by its numeric and alphabetic combinations, and offers a unique perspective on bouldering difficulty. 

Starting at 3, the grades ascend with increasing complexity. However, what sets this system apart is the inclusion of letters such as “A”, “B” and “C” to denote the subtleties within a particular numerical grade.

Understanding bouldering grades is crucial for boulderers to assess and tackle the challenges that lie ahead. The V-Scale and the Fontainebleau Scale offer climbers a standardized language to communicate the difficulty of boulder problems. Hereafter a comparison chart between the V-Scale and the Font Scale

Ultimately, these grading systems provide a common framework for climbers to track their progress, set goals, and embark on exhilarating bouldering adventures.

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