We hold climbing classes in both centers to fit everyone´s schedule!

The Beta Loyalty Programme is our members' reward scheme

Find out below the exclusive discounts, perks and rewards for our members. 

discounts & Benefits

As a Member you can enjoy the following discount & benefits

2x FREE Intro Classes *

25% discount on Crash Pad Rental

10% discount on Block Classes

10% discount on beers & soft drinks in all of our gyms

10% discount on shop items in our gyms

10% discount in-store at Friluftsland

10% discount on physio services at Klinik KropsVærkstedet

5% discount on online purchases at Oliunid with the code BETABOULDERS3

FREE or discounted entrance to our events 

Unlimited access to our Yoga Classes

If you keep your Recurring membership without cancelling it you can also get:

  • On the 5-month anniversary = a 100kr discount to get one of 10-Coffee Pass / 10-Shakes Pass.
  • On the 8-month anniversary = a  150kr discount to get one of 10-Coffee Pass / 10-Shakes Pass / T-Shirt.
  • On the 12-month anniversary = 5-Entry Pass (shareable) for only 99kr.
  • On the 18-month anniversary = 10% discount on your recurring membership (valid for 12 months) and a 150kr discount to get one of 10-Coffee Pass / 10-Shakes Pass / T-Shirt.
  • On the 30-month anniversary = 15% discount on your recurring membership (valid for 12 months).


Anyone with an active Pre-Paid or Recurring Membership is a Member.

Anyone with an active Recurring Membership.

You must present the Beta Tag (barcode) associated with your account. Purchases must be associated to your membership for the discount to be applied. In case you don’t have the card with you, you might be asked for a Photo ID.

No, items already discounted (ie Friday Bar) are not eligible. Friluftslands might apply different terms, please check in-store for details.

No, only beers and soft drinks are covered by the members discount. To save on coffee & smoothies you can get a 10-Coffee or 10-Shake pass!

The discount on your Recurring Memberships payments will be applied automatically and will be in place for the following 12 months (as long as you don’t cancel your Recurring Membership during this period).

Prepaid Members can request to freeze and unfreeze their membership  by filling out this form or writing an email to [email protected]. Recurring Memberships cannot be frozen, but can only be cancelled.

It’s a promotional T-Shirt you can buy as per the above terms. You can claim the offer on either a T-Shirt or a Tank Top. Soon we will have a custom design for it – stay tuned!

Any of your friends or family can use the pass. You can also give all of the passes to one of your friends or family members. The 5-Entry pass does not expire. The 5-Entry cannot be exchanged for credit or equivalent value.

The reward will be determined by the duration of the NEW membership. Any Recurring Membership cancellation reset the counters on the number of months for which you have been member.

The rewards will apply for Memberships until August 31st 2023. We might consider extending it further (stay tuned for updates!).

When you reach a qualifying anniversary you will receive an email with a discount code to use on our website. You have 21 days from receiving the code to claim your reward. Make sure to check the SPAM folder, unused discount code CANNOT be reclaimed at a later date.

We have recently added new rewards and milestones. A Member is only elegible for the rewards valid at the time of the qualyfing renewal (it’s not possible to claim an old rewards).

To automatically obtain the discount on our website you need to be logged-in to on your online account that you used to purchase the membership.

Have you bought a prepaid membership at reception or have an issue in seeing the discount? Fill this form and we will assist you with linking your online account to your membership!

Classes suited for climbers of all levels

Are you new to bouldering and looking for help with starting out? Or have you advanced far on your own and are now looking for that extra push?

Join our classes and take your climbing to the next level!


The below rules ONLY apply to physical products bought on the online-shop, but not to Memberships, Multi-Pass, Gift Card or other services bought online. General Terms and Conditions apply to Memberships, Multi-Pass, Gift Card or other services bought online.

Return Rights

To return or exchange an item, you must send the product back to us within 14 days of the date it was received by you. All returned items must be in a suitable condition so as to be resold as new. The product must show no signs of use (i.e. including washing), and all original packing must be undamaged and unaltered. If the product and its packaging are not returned in a suitable condition, we reserve the right to refuse the return. You are responsible for the cost of all returns and exchanges unless restricted by mandatory consumer law.

Before sending us a return product contact us using the form below. Returned products must be sent to:

Beta Boulders Copenhagen
Kastanie Alle 8,
2720 Vanlose

Damaged Package / Product

In case you have received a damaged package and/or product. Take a picture of the package before opening it from multiple angles and contact us using the form below if you believe the product was damaged in transit.


In case you are un-happy with any of our product within 24 months of purchase due defects, contact us using the form below.

Contact the Beta Team - COPENHAGEN